Stone Spotlight of the Month- Black Petrified Wood

Stone Spotlight of the Month- Black Petrified Wood

 Many stones have been known for centuries to help improve the quality of life with their healing capabilities. These stones are believed to fix ailments and increase inner peace while energizing the body, improving self-confidence and intuition, and bring a rich abundance of love and wealth. 

Petrified Wood  once an ancient, living, breathing tree that has fossilized over thousands of years. Petrified Wood has been known to be a very healing and grounding stone that calms your worries and fills you with feelings of security. If you live in the city, keep Petrified Wood nearby to have the vibration of nature close by.


The Antolini Precioustone Collection are unique pieces of stone that are made from precious gems like jasper, amethyst, and agate.   These precious gems and other materials have been meticulously hand-placed together to form a magnificent piece of art that can be used for virtually any project. When some of the more translucent pieces like Classic Quartz are backlit with various colors of lighting, they create a unique effect and give an artlike presentation to your room. There are currently over 100 varieties to choose from the Antolini Precioustone Collection and many are available in the showroom at Galleria of Stone.



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