New Breakthrough Stone Treatment at Galleria of Stone

New Breakthrough Stone Treatment at Galleria of Stone

Introducing Azerocare: A revolutionary treatment that protects natural stone surfaces.

Kitchens and baths look stunning when they feature natural stone yet some people are concerned with staining in these high traffic rooms, and shy away from using some of the more porous stone products.  A revolutionary new product now makes using all these beautiful natural stones worry free. Introducing Azerocare, now available exclusively at Galleria of Stone.

Azerocare is a unique treatment that is incorporated into the stone during the manufacturing process. It is designed to prevent discoloration and etching by repelling both acidic and oil-based foods and liquids such as lemons, vinegar, and even the dreaded stains from red wine.


Azerocare provides full protection to more porous stones like marbles, onyxes, and soft quartzites without compromising their beauty and natural characteristics. The Azerocare treatment is UV resistant, environmentally safe, and is a bacteriostatic which stops bacteria from reproducing making this an especially effective product to use in kitchens and bathrooms.

Azerocare is vastly changing the way customers select materials for their beautiful homes and commercial ventures because now the risk of ruining their stunning new stone floors and countertops is gone.

This revolutionary product is now available on select stone materials and is exclusive to Galleria of Stone in North Phoenix. For more information on Azerocare and natural stone for your home or business call or visit the professionals at Galleria of Stone.

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